Survival rules in casinos: how not to cheat yourself and not to spend all the money

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In gambling establishments, ordinary ordinary people are attracted by the mysterious atmosphere, the dressy people, the spirit of luxury. Here you can smoke, drink, socialize, and enjoy delicious food. And also bring home a million stories about how someone guessed the number on the roulette wheel seven times in a row, and someone “raised” from one dollar a hundred.

Listening to stories about casinos, you want to become part of this rich crowd, to acquire a new status, to visit an iconic place. But what to do there and how to behave so that people don’t think you’re a sucker? How to understand the rules, how much money is needed to enjoy the evening?

How much money to take to play

So, you’ve decided to spend the evening at the casino. The first emotional obstacle you’ll face is whether I’ll be an outsider. Won’t I look like a black sheep with $50 in my pocket? Many people think casinos are only for rich people with huge sums of money. Relax, both the guests and the staff don’t care how much money you have.

When going to the casino and calculating your budget for the evening, imagine going to a restaurant or karaoke. How much would you spend? One thousand rubles or two hundred dollars? Everyone decides for himself what percentage of his income to spend on entertainment, because in a standard casino there is equipment for every taste and pocket.

For example, in CIS casinos the minimum bet on the machines is 50 kopecks. When you find yourself in a gambling establishment, pay attention that the slots with the minimum denomination are located close to the entrance – this is done in order to reduce your fear of the casino mazes and involve you in the gambling process immediately, from the threshold. For an hour game at the machine with a minimum bet of 1 ruble (about 2 cents), performing leisurely 30 spins per minute, it is enough to 25-30 conventional units. And that’s with the condition that you lose everything, and in fact the machine can give you bonuses and freespins!

If you’re looking at card games, you’ll need about 1,000 conventional units for three to four hours of relaxed time at the table, but don’t jump to conclusions, each casino game is designed for a specific purse.

Cards, Roulette or Slot Machine?

What to choose? Acquaintance with the casino visitors usually begin with the machines – there are many types with a high percentage of return, as well as a wide range of bets and denominations. Behind the machine the game is on its own. If you were planning to spend the evening in solitude, this is exactly your story. Don’t hesitate to ask the operators for advice, they will help you with a smile to choose the type of machine and teach you how to set the line and bet. The games are constantly updated, there are many versions, but their task is the same – to entice bright pictures, melodious sounds and lure you into the process. In many casinos the background music consists of a synchronous beat that makes you press the “Start” button every second.

Roulette is considered the next easiest to use, but don’t rush to the table, try the electronic version first. In a quiet environment and solitude you will be able to learn the basics and understand the principles of winning. After that, move on to the live game with the dealer. Here too, do not be in a hurry, because minimum bets can be made on numbers, but remember that the probability of guessing a number is one in 37 in the European version. That’s why you should start with simple odds, although betting on them is more expensive – red or black, even or odd, first half or second half of the roulette wheel. This is where the probability of guessing tends to fifty percent, it’s simple and interesting. In casinos in Belarus, bets on a single number start at 1 c.u., the odds bet can be 5 c.u. or higher.

If you loved playing cards with your friends in your youth at the so-called “twenty-one,” you’re sure to love blackjack. The game has simple rules and you can always check with a croupier or look it up online. Once you learn, you’ll realize that you don’t always have to finish the cards to the cherished number, and you can be in the blackjack game for good based on a simple “don’t lose to the dealer” strategy.

What is the dispersion of the slot

All slot machines are conventionally divided into high-dispersion and low-dispersion. The first ones throw out small winnings, but relatively often. The second – pile on the big, but rather rarely. Of course, the slot, which gives out often, the way and a little bit, will be considered more “giving”, even if the total money won in it is less.

Beginners should try slots with high variance at the beginning, just to understand the mechanics of slot machines better. If you do not understand everything, it is recommended to find a review of the slot machine, made by professional testers. They describe all the technical features and make recommendations on the game.

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