Rules of Razz Poker


Razz is a type of poker, in which the participant at the table is dealt 7 cards, 5 of which are required to form a winning set. It should be emphasized that when making a winning set, it is unacceptable to have repeated cards of the same rank.

If the hands, for example, K-8-8-4-4-2-2, then, in fact, from this set can be made exclusively combination poker in 4 cards. The highest combination in this type of poker is represented by a set of Ace – 2-3-4-5. The suits of cards in Razz poker are absolutely equal.

At the moment when all participants at the gambling table have formed a combination of five cards, it is time to compare the first cards. If they are equal, the second hand is opened, and so on. The winner belongs to the hand where the rank of the card that is compared is lower.

All about the rules of Razz Poker

The rules of Razz poker are worth mastering for everyone: it’s a very entertaining pastime.

The way the game is played is as follows:

  • Each hand starts with an ante in poker, the size of which is set initially. It is important that by depositing it the initial capital is formed, that is, the bank.
  • Only after that is the distribution of cards to participants at the gambling table. The opponents get three cards each. That’s why this tour is probably called “third street”. An important feature that should not be overlooked: the rules of Razz Poker say that in this hand, the third card is dealt in the open.
  • Next comes the bidding, which starts with a ring-in fee. It is made by the participant who has the weakest open card. It’s important to note that this is the case when a suit plays a role. They have the following order of importance: spades, hearts, diamonds, and crosses. The player with the weakest card has no right to ignore the bridging-in and not pay. That player has only to decide how much to pay (½ or the full minimum bet).
  • Then the remaining players can make a move, following the order of the hand of the clock. It is up to each player to decide whether to fold, call, or raise. The bidding round lasts until the stakes are tied. The rules of the game of razz provide for raising only three times per round.
  • This is followed by a “fourth street” round with the dealer issuing another card in the open. The player with the most favorable combination gets to be the first to make a move: a fold, a check in poker or a bet at his discretion.
  • “Fifth and Sixth Streets” in Razz involve giving players one more card each round. The difference between these rounds and the ones before them is that the trade applies an exceptionally inflated contribution limit.
  • “Seventh Street” and the last open card, which does not get for the full set in hand. It, like the first 2, is hidden from the eyes of opponents.
  • The final round of bidding implies the opening of cards by the contestants at the end. The first to show the cards is the one who was the last to contribute, followed by everyone in order. The bank in Razz is taken by the one who formed the best low set.
  • A situation that happens rarely in Razz poker, but does happen, is when 8 people make it to the last round. At that moment the deck is not enough for everyone to get a card. Then one general is placed on the table, which is used to form a combination of each player.

This is what the rules of Razz Poker are based on.

Secrets of Winning Razz Poker

It is mandatory, when participating in the Razz contest, that the player, who wants to break the bank, must adhere to the poker strategy. One should not lose vigilance, but carefully observe the behavior of opponents, their reactions and even the tell, mathematically calculate the probable combinations that form opponents.

Luck should be disposed to itself by reasoned mathematical calculations, rather than by belief in a happy accident. Therefore it is necessary to “turn on the brain” from the moment of assessment of the starting combination. The plan of action is as follows:

  • Carefully examine the cards you got when you dealt the hand from the batton;
  • Look at the open cards of opponents at the table;
  • Compare whether other participants have cards paired with yours (its presence reduces the chance of receiving an identical card of the same rank in the final rounds, which is undoubtedly an advantage);
  • To remember in the course of conducting the contest the cards that dropped out of the tournament, i.e. not to let down the participants who considered their further participation to be futile and dropped out of the game.
  • Don’t lose sight of the fact that your opponents are also watching you and see the cards that are open. If a player sees some really promising, strong cards and plays the game confidently and aggressively, it can put your opponents off and decide they shouldn’t take a chance and fold. Such behavior at Razz is not entirely correct, because, really, having good odds in poker, one can end up with a winning combination, but the pot will be small, because many players recognize a threat in time and drop out.

It’s not enough to learn the rules of poker. It is necessary to feel the game and each participant

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