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Q. What is the difference between the Basic and Premium servers?

A. The Basic servers do not have any auto-dj storage space. They will still support AAC+ and SHOUTcast streaming and still have a money back guarantee.

Q. What is the difference between bitrates?

A. 128k is comparable to FM radio quality at MP3. Please ensure you have enough bandwidth available to upload at the selected bitrate.

Q. Which country should I buy a server in?

A. All of the servers have high speed links across the world. It would make sense to buy a server in the country that is closest to you for you to upload to. You can change the server you are on just by submitting a support ticket, however this will mean the IP address changing.

Q. What audio is supported by the servers?

A. Shoutcast supports both MP3 and the newer AAC+ compression. AAC+ will provide better quality at a lower bitrate but some players cannot decode it (Such as Itunes)

Q. What makes you different?

A. We have 4 different data centres to choose from in different countries, also we pride ourselves on support whatever your problem might be.

Q. Is it legal to broadcast copyright material from my server?

A. No, it is not legal unless you have paid a license. In the UK rights are handled with a PPL License, this also covers many other countries. More Info

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